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Weekly Astrology - Mon 8th - Sun 14th March 2021

The dreamy, transcendent Pisces/Neptune energy is flowing this week with planets moving through this watery sign.

- This week be open to inspiration, dreams, healing and creativity.

- Be careful of unhelpful escapism, delusions, addictions and unrealistic ideas.

Thursday 11th March

  • Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces - 00:00am

Creativity is high, and inspiration is flowing. Pay attention to your dreams - Sun conjunct Pisces heightens your sensitivity and increases your intuition.

Use your increased vision to imagine the life you want and any areas you are trying to heal. Everything physical first begins in the mind.

This is the first step to bringing your dreams into reality - know that the Universe is supporting you during this time.

This energy begins on Mon 8th, lasting until Tues 11th March.

Saturday 13th March

  • New Moon Pisces - 10:21am

The New Moon brings new beginnings and an opportunity for a fresh start. A New Moon in Pisces is the time to surrender, dream, heal and release.

Think about your mindset – what are the quality of your thoughts and vision for yourself? Do you have positive thoughts about your life now and where it is going, or are you only focused on the negative? Your thoughts create your reality – practice being positive.

Bring your dreams and desires to the Universe and trust that what you need is coming to you.

Pisces is the sensitive visionary. During this time, focus on creative and spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, tarot, astrology, music, dancing, drawing and painting.

This energy begins on Fri 12th, lasting until Sun 14th March.

Sunday 14th March

  • Venus Pisces Conj Neptune Pisces - 04:07am

Venus – the sign of pleasure and relationships, conjuncts with sensitive Pisces – bringing new potential for love and compassion. You will find yourself drawn to art, music and ethereal beauty and others who are artistic, creative or spiritual.

You’ll want to avoid any situations that are ugly, restrictive, deceptive or addictive.

This energy begins on Wed 10th, lasting until Thur 18th March.

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