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New Moon Pick A Card - 17th September 2020

In this Pick a Card, we will be looking at what you need to let go of, and what you need to accept and begin this September New Moon. This reading will span the New Moon dates of 16th - 18th.

So, before we get started, pick a Group (1, 2 or 3)...

...make sure you chose with your intuition. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breathes if needed...

...once you have picked, scroll down for your Group number, and New Moon guidance.




Release control. Share your expereinces with others, and allow yourself to be supported.

Group 1 New Moon Pick A Card
Group 1 New Moon Pick A Card

What do I need to release? LORD ~ Take Charge with Authority

You will be letting go of a need to control or force things. Of needing always to lead and to feel responsible all of the time. You will be releasing feeling like you constantly need to be working hard and needing to be the strong one all of the time.

What do I need to begin? SAGE ~ Be devoted and Committed

You will be accepting of the softer aspects yourself, and understanding that your past experiences have brought you so many lessons and much wisdom. Be open to expressing yourself and sharing your experiences with others – they will learn much from this, and you will find growth from being open.

What energies will be helpful to me during this time? Two of Cups & King of Cups

Focus on encouraging energies of openness and connectedness on a more emotional level into your relationships. Focus on overcoming boundaries and letting down your protective walls. Be ready to feel emotionally comfortable, safe, supported and accepted. Let someone look after you for a change!



Stop waiting for everything to be perfect. Grow within your current situation.

Group 2 New Moon Pick A Card
Group 2 New Moon Pick A Card

What do I need to release? DRUM & PEACEKEEPER ~ Dream and Journey. Let Go of the Need to Be Right.

You will be releasing a pattern of constantly dreaming and seeking external confirmation. Of not taking action. You will be letting go of putting your dreams aside for others out of respect or out of love. You will stop waiting for everything/everyone to be perfect before focusing on yourself. You will stop wishing on and waiting for the perfect circumstances. You need to go forward and create them.

What do I need to begin? WISE ONE ~ Grow Within Your Current Situation

You will find the capacity to overcome darker times. You will accept your situation, and see you are still able to work on growth and expansion within it. You will accept everything not having to be perfect. You will begin to focus on commitment and dedication to yourself and persevere through boredom or feeling overwhelmed, knowing there is so much you can accomplish.

What energies will be helpful to me during this time? Eight of Pentacles & The Chariot

Focus on staying committed and focused. Don’t let up, not matter how hard things are, and no matter the struggles of others going on around you. Dedicate yourself to your goals, no matter how small and exercise control. Control of self, and of your will. If you dedicate yourself, you will only see progression and success!



Stop looking for signs. You are blessed with good fortune. Recognise this and have faith in Yourself and the Universe.

Group 3 New Moon Pick A Card
Group 3 New Moon Pick A Card

What do I need to release? ORACLE ~ Wait for Important Information

You will be letting go of needing to know all the detail and information about a situation before being able to move forward. You will release looking for external confirmation or signs out of fear of the future or of things potentially going wrong.

What do I need to begin? MOTHER EARTH ~ Feel Loved and Comforted

You will begin to get grounded and know that you are loved and supported by the Universe. This knowledge will give you the confidence to be able to make choices based on your heart, knowing that you are supported and cared for wherever life takes you.

What energies will be helpful to me during this time? Five of Cups & Wheel of Fortune

Remember to keep the faith. Know that what is going on now will not last forever. Stop looking backwards, towards the past – you are wasting your time looking at things you cannot change. Focus on the future instead – it may be scary and unknown, but give in, knowing that you are loved and supported and protected. Your future is not tied to you knowing. It is linked to you trusting. There are amazing, things ahead of you if you can trust the process - remember that you are supported by your Angels. You are not alone.


I hope these messages resontated and help support you through the next New Moon and our ever changing times!

If you'd like a personal email reading, please contact me or check out my services.

Have a wonderful day or evening wherever you are,



//Decks used:

Angels and Ancestors Orcale Cards by Kyle Gray

Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

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