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Collective Guidance: Offer your healing energy

+ BONUS mini Pick-a-Card below!

The Six of Cups encourages you to offer your help or support to a family member or friend. There is healing energy emanating from you right now, and others are willing to receive what you have to give. Be open to connecting with others and embrace the opportunity to share your feelings, stories, advice, and experiences.


BONUS: Pick a Card // Current Healing Energy

You might be wondering "What energy/talents/gifts can I use to help others?

To find out your personal healing energy right now, use your intuition to pick 1 object below, and scroll down for an additional message. You can choose from:

  1. Wooden Turtle (bottom left)

  2. Selenite Sphere (middle)

  3. Prayer Wheel Keyring (top right)


If you picked the….

Wooden Turtle

your healing energy is the Two of Wands

Right now, you hold the gift of planning and encouraging the pursuit of dreams. Use your talents to remind someone that they are here for a reason. Help them look beyond their current circumstances and help them plan the first few steps to start moving forwards. Help them remember they are worthy. This involves the things they are passionate about – consider career planning, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Healing Words:

“You are more than your current circumstances”

“Dare to Dream…BIG!”


If you picked the

Selenite Sphere

your healing energy is the Ten of Cups

No matter what is going on in life, we always have something to be grateful for, and you help people remember that. You bring others the gift of joy, love, happiness and gratitude. You remind people they are loved, and they belong. You remind people of the blessings in their life, and make them laugh, smile and forget their worries. You help others remember to enjoy life just by being yourself, with all of your positive and joyful energy.

Healing Words:

“Live in eternal joy”

“Count your many blessings”


If you picked the

Prayer Wheel Keyring

your healing energy is Justice & Five of Wands

Two cards popped out for you, highlighting quite specifically your gift in conflict resolution. You have a skill for settling arguments and disagreements. You offer honesty, balance, impartiality, and fairness. If you find yourself surrounded by fighting and petty squabbles, don’t be scared to be the middle person – like the Judge in the Justice card – observe the situation impartially, and offer your honest advice.

Healing Advice:

“Fairness in all situations”

“I always do what is right”


Love & healing energy to you,


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