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Cleansing your home with Sage in 4 steps

How to Sage your house:

1. Clean space

2. Prep space

3. Cleanse space

4. Attune space

Before we get started, you need to know the below:

  • Sage banishes all energy attached to a person, object or space. After smudging with sage, it is important to fill the void with positive energy, preventing negative energy from easily seeping back in.

  • Any type of Spiritual Healing requires purposeful intention - simply burning sage will not be effective if you are not present and mindful. Whilst you are cleansing, focus on particular energies that need to be expelled.

  • It is normal for energy to build up and negative energy to collect. The important thing is maintenance. Just like you shower everyday day, try to regularly cleanse your space. I tend to sage once a month, or whenever I feel it’s needed.

Ok, now I've given you some grounding info, let's get into the steps of smudging your space:

What you’ll need:

        ⁃       A sage stick (or any smudge stick)

        ⁃       A heatproof plate/bowl for the lit sage stick

        ⁃       A lighter

        ⁃       Cleansing music

        ⁃       At least 1 candle (any type will do, but white, unscented is preferred. Add additional candles for each room that needs particular energy cleansing)

        ⁃       Your favourite incense stick (I like Nag Champa or Frankincense & Myrrh)

What to do:

Use this as a guide, but take and add what you feel is right for you.


Spiritual cleansing begins with first cleaning what you CAN see. Wash away any physical/dead energy around and attached to you, doing as much as you can of the below. (Whilst you are cleaning, concentrate on the activity of cleaning away old/stagnant/negative energy):

  • Tidy up, make your bed and wash any dishes.

  • Clean your space - hoover and mop your floors, get rid of clutter, dust and clean away any cobwebs, paying attention to the corners of your ceilings/floors, where energy collects.

  • Take a shower and exfoliate your body to wash away any dead skin. Put on some fresh clothes.


  • Play cleansing music out loud (not in headphones) - YouTube search for nature sounds, or 417Hz Frequency for cleansing vibrations.

  • Light a candle, and take a moment to take 3 deep breathes, focusing on your cleansing intentions through prayer or writing - whatever works for you.


  • Right before you light your sage, open your windows and doors throughout the house. The purpose of smudging is to remove negative energy, and so the smoke needs to be able to physically leave the house.

  • Sage yourself first - take 3 deep breaths and lightly inhale the aroma of the sage burning nearby. Wave your hands through the smoke, and allow the smoke to surround your body, from your feet up to the crown of your head.

  • Sage your House

  • Start at your front door saging your door frame, then walk slowly through your house, allowing the smoke to spread.

  • Before you enter a new room, sage the outside of the door frame. Before you leave a room, sage the inside of the door frame.

  • Don’t forget to sage into the corners of each room.

  • As you sage, listen to the music playing, focus on your intention, repeat a prayer or sing. If it feels needed dance, and clap your hands. Do what your body feels like doing.

  • Don’t ignore any room in your house - toilet, bathroom... I even sage my storage cupboard under the stairs!

  • Take your time - this process could take 5 mins or 30 mins, it’s all up to you.

  • Finish towards the back of your house, or the back door, saging around the door frame.

  • Keep windows and doors open for at least 15 mins after saging.

  • Once finished, I wrap the remaining sage stick in foil and leave it in it’s dish until it goes out.


Now you have cleansed:

  • Light your favourite incense stick and walk this through each room in a similar way to the sage. Imagine that this incense is filling the space with positive, protective and healthy energy. Be mindful of the properties of the incense you are burning and try chose herbs that correlate to your personal needs.

  • If you feel like a room needs particular attention, I like to light a small candle and leave it to burn out over the day to encourage good vibes.

  • I finish by playing some of my favourite music and dancing - release any stagnant energy stuck in your body, and create some positive endorphins through dance.

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