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3 questions to ask yourself when you're feeling like crap

We all have those days when you just feel shitty. Your energy is low. You don't feel like getting out of bed or seeing anyone. And you come to the conclusion that you're simply a failure at life and rubbish at everything (dramatic and untrue, I know - but I'm in a mood right now, so forgive me!).

Over the years, using some of the methods below, I've learnt how to identify and better manage my moods when they arrive, so I spend a little less time hibernating under my duvet, and a little more time compassionately accepting and looking after myself.

Spiritually speaking, our emotions are connected to the Element of Water, and so when we are feeling low, it's important for us to look at the qualities of Water in our lives. You can do this by asking yourself these 3 questions:

1. When did I last drink water?

Even mild dehydration is known to dampen moods, increase fatigue, and lead to headaches. If you know you haven't been drinking enough water these last few days, do yourself a favour - drink some water!! It can be very easy to overlook or forget, but it helps, trust me!

2. When did I last take a relaxing bath or shower?

A bath or shower is a great way to reset. The simple act of stepping in dirty and coming out clean is simply transformational. Water not only cleanses your physical body, but also your spiritual body of any stagnant and negative energy. If you are intentional whilst bathing, you can really make the most out of this basic act and reset your mood.

3. What's going on with the Moon?

The Moon affects our emotions. In fact, if you're into Astrology, you'd know that the Moon literally rules your emotions. Every 29.5 days, the Moon goes through phases. During the New Moon phase (3 days when the moon is dark and invisible in the sky), is when we feel the most withdrawn, tired and reflective. Take the effort to journal and track your moods over a couple of months - you'll be surprised at the patterns you start to see when you take note of the moons phases.

I hope this helps you start to become more aware and compassionate towards yourself - especially when you don't want to (it's when you really need it!).


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