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Reiki energy therapy brings harmony to each of us and the whole Universe.

Reiki describes the transference of energy through hands gently placed or hovered over energy centres, chakras, in the body.


Reiki is a gentle, non-intrusive healing technique that uses spiritual energy to treat ailments and balance and heal our mind, body and spirit.

The Japanese word Reiki is translated in two parts:

- 'Rei' means sacred, soul or spirit, the wisdom and knowledge of all the Universe.

- 'Ki' means life force energy.

The word Reiki is described as Universal life force energy.

If you're interested in booking a session or have any questions, please get in touch below.

Reiki Therapy

From £25

£25 - 30 minute, Distanced Reiki Session

This 30 minute session will provide a full body cleansing and healing session.

£40 - 1 hour, Distanced Reiki Session

This 1 hour session provides extended healing to each of your chakras and allows extra time to work on any areas that require extra healing.

Distanced Reiki Healing

More info and FAQ's

How does Distanced Reiki work?

During a distanced session, Reiki energy is sent and channelled directly to you.


Many clients experience the same benefits, sensations and level of relaxation during distanced healing the same as an in-person session.


It is recommended for you to be somewhere safe and relaxed during the session, so you can comfortably receive the Reiki healing.

What happens during the session?

I will send a reminder email 30 minutes before your appointment, and again right of the beginning, so you know exactly when I start.

At your pre-agreed time, you will get comfortable and settled somewhere with minimal distractions.


Feel free to set the mood with your favourite meditative music, candles, and incense. Sitting or lying is fine, and if you fall asleep during the session that is fine too!

Throughout the session, I will be meditating and sending Reiki healing directly to you and each of your chakras, detecting your flow of energy and attending to areas that require more attention.

What happens after the session?

After the session, I will send an email to let you know that I have finished, and to exchange feedback.

If you're interested in booking a session or have any questions, please get in touch below.

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